A brewery wouldn't be a brewery without beer!  We have our amazing range of flagship beers, then we produce seasonal and one off beers in keg and cask, so keep you eyes out.



Cheat Mode, Pale Ale 3.8%



super light, easy to drink,  fruity hops, finish with a slight hop haze...

Everyone loves a pale ale.  Well that is what my Mam used to tell me... I wanted a super light, easy to drink pale with lots of fruity hops jumping around in your mouth.  I toyed for months about if I should dry hop this or not, and did so many test brews and in the end it was a big yes.  Galaxy and Chinook do that job for us, it does finish with a slight hop haze too.  We couldn't just tame this with a keg or cask, so have done it in all mediums we possibly can

The Name : I looked at a lot of other beers to get inspiration for this beer and initially it was a mix of three of my favourite beers, but the further down the line of testing we went the more it became its own beer.  Kinda like when I copied Helen Smith's English homework, but had to change it enough so Mr Nobel thought it was my own.

Loot, NEIPA 5.5%


- Cask, Keg and Can

Lot of hops, not much bitterness, peachy yeasty flavours

This juicy little guy is a total belter.  It is the fastest selling beer we have ever made and pubs tend to put lots of pre-orders in to make sure it gets on their bar.. Wow, that's cool!  Sooo many hops, not much bitterness, peachy yeasty flavours make this a firm favourite

The Name - Loot was named because when we first made it, it felt like a kinda golden bounty.  We keep it under lock and key as it is a really valuable liquid.. Also, when Steve was thinking of the name he was listening to a song called Loot - so that is probably the real reason!!

mr Best, Best Bitter 4.4%


- Cask Only

tasting notes

The Name - Mr Best is a real person, a great man, and he delivers us our wood.  He introduced us to a chimney sweep via the best voicemail message we have ever had.  In a five minute message he told us to remind the sheep that Mr Best sent us about 10 times.  He is the sweetest man in the world and if anyone asked me for anything and said Mr Best sent him, I'd do it... ANYTHING...

When it gets dark and life gets tougher, times move us towards a beer that is both comforting and luxurious.... Sorry been listening to local radio and the adverts have really rubbed off on me..  Our best bitter is bloody great, 7 different types of malt go into this lad

Bunko, Steam Beer 4.2%


- KEG only

lager with lots of body...

The Name - As this beer could be seen as either a lager or an ale, it is a cheeky little chap.  Wears one hat for one person and another for someone else.  In the Victorian days a guy who did this was known as a bunko man (a kind of con-man).  Not that this beer will con you in anyway, but it is a way to get a lager boy to drink an ale!

This beer has been given a silver medal in the SIBA awards for best lager in the SE of England... That's nice isn't it?!  A lager with lots of body, its fermented a bit hotter than a usual lager to get that flavour, then we lager it for nearly 4 weeks and boom... Bunko!

Fog Cutter Session IPA 4.5%


- KEG, CASK and Can

citrus and piny aromas, lots of nice balanced hops do the talking here, but in a

The NameFog Cutter is a term for a hangover cure... now, I haven't got any medical qualifications (yet) so I'm not saying that this beer will do that.  But... If you are looking for a beer not too heavy, but with plenty of soul, this is your guy.

We like to think of a session IPA as a beer with a bit more clout than a usual pale ale, and lots more hops.  Double hopping with Chinook, Amarillo, Citra and Cascade gives plenty of citrus and piny aromas. We really let the hops do the talking here, but in a nice balanced way, so not too bitter, but not too plain. This is all complimented by sweetness and biscuity notes from the malts.

Brass Hand, Golden Ale 4.2%



oaky and fruity bitterness, fresh honey aroma, balanced body

A clean and very quaffable Golden Ale -one for the traditionalist, lots of UK hops and a balanced body (what I'd give to have a balanced body). The New Zealand hops add a depth of character to the beer with oaky and fruity bitterness.  The UK hops at the end give a lovely fresh honey aroma. This beer finishes as well as it starts, cleansing the taste buds and leaving you wanting more.

The Name - A name is just a name and it shouldn't be taken too seriously.  Being from Middlesbrough I've a strong love of the silly humour of my fellow Boro-lad Bob Mortimer.  In his podcast (Athletico Mince) he warbles on about his fictional Brass hand, and the many sticky situations it gets him in.
*I very nearly called the Brewery Brass Hand