Meet the twins...


You may have noticed a little similarity between Mr Um-Bunko and Mr Bunko. You might even think they were the same person. Well you'd be wrong. But, if you thought that they were related then you'd be right! You see they're twins.... Now, I'm not an expert on genealogy (yet!), but I've spoken to them both and we've pieced together their family history. So here it is:
In 1967 a Mr and Mrs Bunko owned a pet store in a small town called Parp in West Virginia. That year they had a son (Master Bunko). He was a cheeky chap and always up to mischief. By the time he was 18 he'd had enough of small town life and headed south to the tropics. Here, on a small Island in the Caribbean called St Chuffs, he met a lovely island gall called Miss Um. They had a whirlwind romance and married within weeks of meeting. As Miss Um was a professional alligator wrestler and had made loads of fliers for her upcoming tours, she decided to keep her name. 8.5 months after they were married, they had twin boys! They grew up happily, but tragedy struck on their 14th birthday when their mother did an alligator wrestling themed birthday party for them. Horrendously, Mrs Um was eaten (as well as some other party-goers) and Mr Bunko was sent to prison for not having the correct insurance and risk assessment for an alligator wrestling themed birthday party. The boys were put into care and found their way into to the world 4 years later when they were 18. Sadly they decided to go their separate ways. One twin took the name Mr Um-Bunko out of respect for both parents and got involved in a drag act around the Caribbean. And the other, Mr Bunko who was always more of a daddy's boy ended up selling hair tonic around the Southern US states. It turns out that they both wanted a career in beer and low and behold we managed to arrange for them both to come and work for Holler!


Shanthi Govender