Heavy Lifting... Meet Bella & Fernando

You may have noticed the pump badge for our Heavy Lifting stout features some funny little characters. Funny they are and little they also are! Their names are Bella and Fernando and they're about 18 inches tall. They come from a small land-locked island near Bermuda. Uninhabited by people of grosser proportions, these little people hide one amazing power; well two actually. The first is their amazing gift of ventriloquy. The gift of being able to throw their voices several metres has kept them safe from being wiped from the face of the earth by the giant Bratwurst Bird - their only predator. The Bratwurst Bird stands 8ft tall, so these little chaps are easy pickings. But by throwing their voices and always talking as if it's coming from a nearby bush or telegraph pole, the birds are easily confused.. Oh, their second amazing power is their great strength. Inch for inch they can lift the equivalent of Steve raising a small car onto his shoulders (something I've heard him boast of before).

So when Steve and I went on our beer tour of the uninhabited islands near Bermuda, we were privileged to witness both their amazing talents. We got talking to Bella and Fernando and they agreed to come back to Blighty and work with us at the Brewery. Boy, did they come in handy for setting the tanks up! Both of them holding fermenting vats with one hand and tossing around bags of malt like they were feather pillows! And all whilst confusing us by chatting away like they were somewhere else in the building!

They've settled in nicely and even bought a dog for the commute to the new Holler Brewery in Brighton. The picture shows them galloping around on Punch the dog which is a cross-breed of Dachshund, spaniel and Pomeranian. And which, quite oddly, has Steve's hair!

So our Heavy Lifting Stout had to be their beer, and they love it too! The fruity hops and chocolate malt seem to give them added strength… Try it yourself.

Oh and if you're in the brewery sometime soon and you see Gary talking to himself, it's probably that he's chatting away to Bella and Fernando, you just can't see them…

Shanthi Govender