A small update on the big things to come!

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I know, I know... The last post we did said we were only 4 months old, so that shows you how busy we have all been!  We have grown, quite a bit we have trebled the amount of beer we can make, by purchasing some big new shiny tanks.  We have also found ourselves a Lyall, who is brewing up a storm with us, Bethany is back doing some amazing interior design works, and Billy is still rocking all of our artwork.  We have another 2-3 superstars starting with us in the next few months which will have turned our team from just Ant and I, to a team of 7 within the space of a year... What a great year!

We have spent the past six months make some great beers that have really gotten people excited, our Cheat Mode, Fog Cutter, Loot and Bunko have become firm favourites with Bunko winning a Silver Medal at SIBA BeerX for best Lager in the South East.. Not bed eh - first award! - woohoo.

Loot has been a bit of a revelation, our hazy, juicy NEIPA is out in cask and keg and is slammed full of hops.  We have started to produce it in cans too and it is tasting great!

Also in the last six months Billy has been working his socks off on a little re-brand.  With the new cans coming we thought it was a good time to sit down and pull things together in a way that we are super happy with.  Along the way we lost the 'Boys' part and have been left with just Holler.  It was a tricky call to make, but we really think that the boy side of things didn't represent us well enough.  We've also committed to making up lots of other different excuses of why we are now Holler, Ant's current favourite is just to blame Lyall for it.  I'm going to go with the line that Billy missed it by accident and then we ordered 2000 new pump clips before we realised....!

We also have some pretty amazing new coming up, but I'll have to let you all know about that in another blog.  We are expanding again... but this time it is going to be REALLY BLUMMING COOL....

Lyall is mainly excited as he is going to get some new pumps as part of the big upgrade... It is the little things in life that keep him happy!

Have a great Easter and I'll keep you all updated on things as we progress!

tevo x

Shanthi Govender