Brass Hand, Golden Ale 4.2%

One of our more traditional pints, golden looking for those long golden days of summer (FYI summer is due anytime between now and 2023)


A clean and very quaffable Golden Ale -one for the traditionalist, lots of new style UK hops, and a balanced body (what I'd give to have a balanced body). Lyall slipped some Simcoe into the recipe when Steve wasn’t looking, and although Lyall over stepped the mark the slight change has really brought out a honey flavour in the beer - well done Lyall.   This beer finishes as well as it starts, cleansing the taste buds and leaving you wanting more.

THE NAME...  A name is just a name and it shouldn't be taken too seriously.  Being from Middlesbrough, Steve has  a strong love of the silly humour of my fellow Boro-lad Bob Mortimer.  In his podcast (Athletico Mince) he warbles on about his fictional Brass hand, and the many sticky situations it gets him in.
*We very nearly called the Brewery Brass Hand