Ohh a crafty brewery doing a best bitter? HELL YEAH... 13 different malts go into Mr Best and out comes a beer with charm and a body to die for.


When it gets dark and life gets tougher, times move us towards a beer that is both comforting and luxurious.... Sorry been listening to local radio and the adverts have really rubbed off on me..  Our best bitter is bloody great, 7 different types of malt go into this lad.

THE NAME... Mr Best is a real person, a great man, and he delivers us our wood.  He introduced us to a chimney sweep via the best voicemail message we have ever had.  In a five minute message he told us to remind the sheep that Mr Best sent us about 10 times.  He is the sweetest man in the world and if anyone asked me for anything and said Mr Best sent him, I'd do it... ANYTHING