Our beers fall into two categories…

Firstly, beers we think you’ll love to drink, whatever the weather, day, season, or lunar cycle - the mix of tasty US hopped Pale Ales and IPAs that form our core range, (not to mention the specials and seasonals we love, including sour and saison). Most of our beers can be served from cask or keg. And secondly, amazing traditionally brewed cask ale! Whilst apparently not too trendy for us to say so, we brew in the heart of Sussex. Cask beer has an amazing tradition here, and our beers, including our US hoppy ones are pretty damn great in cask too. As well as our core range, you’ll see Milds, Golden Ales, Porters and the bestest of Bitters through the year. 
Linking the two types of beer we make, is our passion for both brewing styles. Wasn't it brave of us to bring out our best bitter when the trend was for only pushing hop bombs? We love the cask stuff, spent months lovingly developing the recipe. And it tastes great!
We love our keg and canned beers, and won’t turn our back on cask ale.

Banging brews from Sussex.