Winner Winner, Aus Pale Ale 4%

This is our spring ale, it is a juicy pale ale full of Australian hops.  When the sun is out this is a true Winner of a pint


Spring has sprung, so we decided the best way to do that was get waded into a new pale ale.  We wanted to showcase one of our favourite Aussie hops, Rakau, and this was the beer to do that.  We dry hopped it in the same way we dry hop Fog Cutter, but with the big hit of Aussie hops, giving lots of lovely pitted fruit flavours.  Unfined and a great 4% cracker of a beer for tempting to sun out from behind the clouds.

The Name... 

Steve has a friend called Steve, and he is proper Aussie… Not Steve, but the other Steve, he is the Aussie one.  Steve loves chicken dinners, as does Steve, but Steve gets pretty excited about things and loves saying ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.  So Steve thought he’d call this beer Winner Winner after Steve, isn’t that a nice thing for Steve to do for Steve.  Also Steve once played tennis with Steve and Steve beat Steve and mentioned how Steve hadn’t hit many Winner Winner’s today, Steve wasn’t too happy because Steve is much more competitive than Steve. Oh Steve.